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Hail applicant

We are the 13th Legion and we are recruiting soldiers, mercenaries, physicians and even commoners willing to engage in adventure to strange lands for riches and glory of the Aquilonian Empire.

The 13th Legion is a division of the Aquilonian army, commissioned by King Conan himself to venture inside enemy territory, raid and loot their fields weakening their lines for the uprising war. A skilled warrior as yourself would find many opportunities to rise in rank at the “13th” no matter your land of origin. It is well known our Auxiliary regiments have Cimmerians, Hyrkanians, Shemites and even Stygians.

Every Aquilonian Legion is very organized and our 13th officers demand great discipline and dedication, as the commitment to our campaigns is of the upmost importance. Therefore, our stipendium is like no other in compensation. Our Dona Praemia is innovative and worth the effort.

Our training is unparallel: we teach our recruits how to wield a Gladius, Spatha, Pilum, Pugio and a handful of other melee weapons. Our legionaries are trained how to excel in fighting heavy weighted, with a Scutum and wearing a Lorica hamata and that is why we only select applicants if proven capable in both mind and body and older than 18, as the army life may be too tough for younger and weaker minds and bodies. The reputation of the 13th as the bravest and resourceful of the legions lies in the enforcement of these policies

Finally, our scholars and priests are the wisest and the most skilled in all Aquilonia. The stories of our campaigns provide unforgettable tales of adventure, mystery and intrigue. Our campaigns are in the center of happenings in Hyborea and our saga is one filled with strength and honor.
Our current leaders are Tribune Aquilas, a veteran soldier from the 9th Legion and Centurions Bumanu, Slab, Boodica, Kratix and Amatarin. I am Praefectus Anaximandras, in charge of administrative duties of our garrison, advanced camps, and warehouse.

Join the Legion, see the world, and create your own legend!

Praefectus Anaximandras

(We are a light RP oriented guild, mainly for Aquilonian characters, but accepting any class or race. We are interested in questing in epic mode, looting, raids and PvP as well. Our current goal is to enjoy the game and it's story as much as possible while we level to the end game content. Our strongest roleplay happens mainly within our weekly guild runs as we usually write a plot before hand and a follow up with pictures of the event.

We don't have too many rules or discipline for real, just weekly guild runs, we call campaigns you are free to participate or not. However, attending events and contributing with building materials grants the guildmate RAID POINTS that can be redeemed for items listed in our guild bank at the website. That’s what we call the Dona Praemia. Every week the player gets a symbolic payment, in the form of a few coins, some potions, food and drink. That’s what we call the Stipendium. We also have our own ranking system inspired by the real ranks of the Roman Legions.)

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